Pascale not questioned

FDLE investigators, according to their report, never contacted Pascale, now a Seminole County deputy sheriff, who said this week she was unaware of a four-month technical audit template investigation into her actions, nor that it vindicated her.

But Pascale said it helps clear her of any wrongdoing in the Devlin case and said Devlin “beat the system” when the judge threw out his conviction.

“The judge’s decision does not change the truth,” she said. “It’s disheartening when the justice system fails.”

Among other evidence, the judge’s order points to Golden’s testimony as well as the testimony of Tommy Seedorf, Golden’s former counselor in a juvenile jail. Seedorf testified that Golden told him in 1993 that he fabricated the abuse allegations in exchange for an early release from the juvenile jail. Seedorf also testified that he told Pascale about Golden’s comment, but she testified that she did not remember him doing so.

Pascale and Dyer both said they question Golden’s motivation for recanting his story about Devlin paying him cash in exchange for posing in nude photographs and performing sexual favors when he was 15 years old.

Since Golden changed his story, Devlin has helped Golden get out of jail at least twice. On the morning of last November’s hearing, which led to Briese’s order, Devlin paid $500 to bail Golden out of jail after he was arrested the night before at the Adams Mark Hotel and charged with disorderly conduct, according to court records.

Devlin needed Golden

“I needed him for the hearing, and he’s my key witness and let’s face it, the guy has no money, so I bailed him out,” Devlin said. “He did me a big favor.”

Golden, now 25, has been arrested at least 13 times since 1993. He is in the Volusia County Jail facing charges from February that he was nude in a hotel hot tub in Daytona Beach Shores.

Devlin also bailed Golden out of Orange County jail on other charges a few months ago, saying he wanted to help Golden get out of a jam.

Devlin served part of a 22-month prison sentence after his 1995 conviction and then began serving 10 years on probation, which prohibited him from crossing the bridge to Daytona Beach’s beachside and the hotel he owns.

Since his conviction was thrown out, he started working full time at the hotel again.

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