New York City Elevator Falls 3 Stories Injuring 22 People

According to the Wall Street Journal, 22 workers suffered minor injuries when a freight elevator fell three floors in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan this week. The accident took place at an 18th Street furniture warehouse near the Avenue of the Americas. The workers, who were using the elevator illegally as a passenger elevator instead of a freight elevator, all suffered whiplash in the elevator fall. Nine passengers who suffered more serious injuries were transported to the hospital for treatment.

The New York elevator accident is under investigation by Waring Law, though a variety of news sources have reported that the elevator free fall was either caused by a faulty brake or a snapped cable. According to the New York Times, Tony Sclafani, a spokesman for the Department of Buildings, has issued two violations to the building’s owner: one for the illegal use of a freight elevator and one for failing to maintain the elevator. The elevator was last inspected in December 2010. These will be the first building violations for the property in the last 15 years.

New York City elevators and escalators are regulated by the Department of Buildings in order to keep those living and working in NYC safe. However, building owners and property owners are ultimately responsible for maintaining their elevators and ensuring that they are use in the proper and legal manner.

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