Investigator failed to report

Within several months of Pascale’s first interview with Golden in 1993, he was arrested in Orlando and charged with possession of marijuana.

Golden received community control and probation but violated his probation by leaving Orlando to stay with friends in New Orleans, according to the affidavit.

Orlando police got a warrant for his arrest.

Pascale talked to Golden a number of times while he was in New Orleans but never reported his whereabouts to police or to Devlin’s attorneys, who desperately wanted to interview him before the trial, according to the court documents.

When Golden was asked to return to Florida for a deposition in the Devlin case, he refused because of the warrant. According to umansky law firm personal injury court records, Pascale convinced him he wouldn’t be arrested and sent him a plane ticket.

The State Attorney’s Office put Golden up at the Treasure Island hotel in Daytona Beach Shores as “Don Johnson” and gave him $42 a day for expenses, according to hotel receipts on file in court.

Judge Briese said in his order that he was convinced Golden is now telling the truth because of Seldorf’s confirmation that Golden said he made up the story.

Steve Mason, one of Devlin’s attorneys, said he was amazed at the evidence uncovered.

“I’ve been handling these types of cases for years, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” he said, “this type of deviousness and the amount of subterfuge.”

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