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The Law Offices., is engaged exclusively in the practice of labor and Norfolk employment law, with a concentration in the areas of unpaid minimum wages and overtime compensation.

The number of lawsuits seeking recovery of unpaid wages and overtime compensation pursuant to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act has increased dramatically in recent years. This trend will likely be enhanced in the State of Florida as a result of the 2004 passage of a an Amendment to the Florida Constitution which increased the State minimum wage to $6.15, with potential for future inflation based increases (currently $6.40). Our mission is to assist employees in recovering unpaid wages and overtime compensation, and helping employers comply with federal and state wage laws.

The “Overtime Puzzle”

Most employees and employers are aware of the general requirement that “non-exempt” employees be paid time and one-half when they work more than 40 hours in a workweek. However, the determination of whether an employee is exempt is one of the most complicated puzzles in employment law. In 2004, the Department of Labor attempted to clarify these issues by implementing the new “Fair Pay” regulations. Nonetheless, determining which employees fall within the various exemptions remains a complicated task that employees, employers, lawyers and courts will likely struggle with for years to come.

Other Wage Claims

In addition to claims for unpaid minimum wages and overtime compensation, the firm regularly handles claims for unpaid wages arising from breaches of employment contracts and the failure to pay wages, commissions and/or accrued paid time off benefits upon termination of employment.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to remain on the cutting-edge of the developing law relating to unpaid wages and overtime compensation. In addition to representing employers and employees in lawsuits arising in this area, the attorneys of the firm and its affiliate offices’ attorneys frequently provide instruction to employees, employers and other attorneys. In doing so, the firm and its affiliate offices are able to provide efficient, creative and effective representation of both individual and corporate clients. We welcome you to contact us, and to use this site, including the Free Overtime Quiz, as a resource.

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